Bulk Liquids Transport

Welcome to Emerald Carrying Company. We are a transport and logistics company that has been operating between Emerald and Brisbane, and in surrounding areas for over 50 years. 

Bulk Liquids transport represents a large sector of our business and we have depots around Queensland. 

Our Depots

Brisbane Depot is located in Lytton as part of our Head Office location.  This site was chosen strategically due to it’s proximity to the Port of Brisbane and ease of access to the Gateway Motorway (southbound and northbound). Whilst we have been in Lytton since 2017, in 2020 we relocated to larger premises that allowed us to incorporate our Lytton Bulk Fuel team, Oil Logistics team, Head Office team and Brisbane General Freight team. 

Mackay Depot is located in the Paget Industrial Estate and allows for large movements of heavy transport. 

Easy access to the Mackay Port enables effective and efficient movement of bulk liquids to our larger client base in the Bowen Basin.

Gracemere Depot is strategically placed to assist in transferring bulk liquids to clients spread across the Central Queensland Region. 

Gracemere allows for large movements of Product from the Gladstone Port back to Gracemere and onwards to Central Queensland. This Depot enables Emerald Carrying Company to provide the services required whilst maintaining compliance with the fatigue legislation. 

Townsville Depot is located close to the port of Townsville to accommodate larger fleet combinations that allow for deliveries into the far west of Queensland (Mt Isa & Cloncurry).  

Townsville facilitates deliveries to local service stations and provides bulk fuel services to the local airport facilities.

For more information about Bulk Liquids transport, get in touch for a quote.