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Emerald Carrying Company in the Community

Emerald Carrying Co (General Freight)

General freight between Brisbane, Emerald and surrounding regions.

Emerald Carrying Co (Bulk Liquids)

Bulk liquids transport throughout Queensland with depots in Brisbane, Gracemere, Mackay, Townsville and Emerald.

Monaro Fuel Haulage

Bulk liquids transport from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

Welcome to Emerald Carrying Company

Emerald Carrying Company (ECC) are a service driven organisation with a proven reputation for always putting the safety of our people first. As a local industry leader in adopting fatal risk control standards, ECC are totally transparent in our safety reporting.

ECC is uniquely positioned to provide range of logistics services and specialist skills in General Freight and Bulk Liquids Dangerous Goods transportation which covers a range of requirements referenced in the specific scope of works for your project. Monaro Fuel Haulage operates along side ECC as part of the Bulk Liquids group, covering Brisbane and South East Australia.

As an industry leader in the logistics space, ECC will support this project with the latest, relevant and Innovative technologies and services. ECC has proven ability to “innovate and improve” while driving cost efficient logistics services.

At ECC, we highly value our long-term relationships and we look forward to an ongoing business partnership that is built on delivering key efficiencies, cost saving opportunities and advanced operational capabilities.

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Reliable Service and a Commitment to Safety

With over 100 trucks and 200 drivers, Emerald Carrying Company is a family-owned business.

Emerald Carrying Company holds the core belief that safety is a journey, not an event. Our practical approach to safety means that we adopt safety smart operational practices, to achieve a safe, compliant and efficient operating environment focusing on attitudinal, behavioural and cultural issues. We hold NHVAS Mass, Maintenance and Fatigue Accreditation. Where appropriate, fleet is operated under Performance Based Standards (PBS), Intelligent Access Program (IAP), and GPS tracked, which allows for the operation of fleet capable of carrying increased and therefore optimum load mass. Our Tanker fleet is Dangerous Goods registered and Safe Load Practice accredited supported by robust Emergency Response Procedures. Our Health, Safety, Security and Environment Management System is the core tool to inform and guide the business on its safety journey.