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Carrying Company Queensland

Welcome to
Emerald Carrying Company

Pride. Care. Respect. Excellence.

Our trucks have proudly served the Queensland area for over 50 years, transferring General Freight, Bulk Liquids and fuel between Brisbane, Emerald and the Bowen Basin Mining District.

Our History

Emerald Carrying Company was established in 1965 in Emerald Queensland by Bill and Joan Haylock and remains today a family owned and operated Business. Managing Director, Greg Haylock and the Emerald Carrying team have extensive experience in Bulk Liquids Transport and General Freight.

Through the development of long-term strategic partnerships, Emerald carrying Co has expanded throughout Queensland, with depots in Townsville, Mackay, Gracemere, Emerald, Geebung and Lytton now servicing Mining, Commercial retail and agricultural customers. These partnerships have also seen Emerald Carrying Co grown to now operate a fleet in the order of 100 trucks from body trucks to triple and quad road trains.

Emerald Carrying Co has maintained a premier position in the transport industry and in doing so has developed a set of core values by which the company operates:

  • Pride, in our workplace, our culture and partnerships.
  • Care, for our staff, ensuring a safe and prosperous workplace and future.
  • Respect, fairness and integrity in our dealings, providing sustainable outcomes for all parties.
  • Excellence, in striving to achieve a safe working environment at all times, being innovative in our approach to problem solving whilst being aware of our social and environmental obligations.
Logistics Services Australia

1979 - Emerald Depot opens in Daniels Street

1983 - Brisbane depot opens in Geebung

1994 - The first Bulk Liquids Tanker joined the fleet of General Freight vehicles.

2004 - Gracemere Depot opens

2011 - Mackay depot opened in February

2014 - Townsville depot opened

2017 - Head Office and Brisbane depot established at Lytton

2020 - Head Office and Lytton Depot moved to larger premises in Trade Street, Lytton

2020 - Brisbane General Freight depot moved from Geebung to Lytton

2021 - Cairns Depot opened in July

2022 - Darwin Depot opened in January

Heath, Safety, Environment and Quality

Safety has always been paramount at Emerald Carrying Company. We provide all staff with appropriate health, safety and environmental policies, guidance material, documentation, procedures and training to ensure that our business meets its health, safety & environmental obligations and our target of ‘NIL HARM’.

All drivers are fully qualified and receive ongoing training, and each truck in our fleet is equipped with several safety systems to track driver fatigue. In addition, every driver holds relevant licences and permits for the loads they carry, including Dangerous Goods for Diesel, Petrol and Avgas.

To ensure our prime movers are reliable and safe, we follow strict maintenance routines. All our prime movers are fitted with ABS braking and are regularly serviced and tested by our onsite team of specialist mechanics.


Greg Haylock

Shareholder & Managing Director

Peter Haylock


Management Team

Arron Johnson

Group General Manager

Andrew Inglis

Group CFO

Ben Haylock

Group Operations Manager

Office:   07 4729 0475
Mobile: 0417 606 043
Email:   ben.haylock@emcarry.com.au

Matt Haylock

Group General Freight / Fleet Manager

Office:   07 4982 1966
Mobile: 0400 746 026
Email:   matt.haylock@emcarry.com.au

Chris Chalmers

Group Maintenance Manager

Raymond Barrie

ECC Operations Manager

Tamara Lette

Group Human Resources Manager

Office:   (07) 3016 0540
Mobile: 0459 853 657
Email:   tamara.lette@emcarry.com.au

Scott Collins

Group Systems Analyst

Rodney Drake

Group HSEQ Manager

Office:   07 3016 0500
Mobile: 0417 606 043
Email:   rodney.drake@emcarry.com.au

Leadership Team

Frank O’Neill

Lytton Depot Manager
(General Freight)

Office:   07 3265 7780
Mobile: 0409 068 882
Email:   frank.oneill@emcarry.com.au

Robert Barrie

Emerald Depot Manager
(General Freight)

Nick Gimblett

Gracemere Depot Manager
(Bulk Liquids)

Jade Filewood

Mackay Depot Manager
(Bulk Liquids)

Shane Schafer

Townsville Depot Mgr
(Bulk Liquids)

Merv Ackers

Operations Manager
(Monaro Fuel Haulage)