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A Message From the Haylock Family!
Emerald Carrying Company and Monaro Fuel Haulage is a Family owned and operated business. It is important to me and the Haylock family, that you are safe and well and that you go home each and everyday to your loved ones.
Christmas is a special time of year to enjoy and be in the company of family and friends. It is also a time of year when we are busy as a business. There is more people on the road, school is out and people on holidays while we work and provide an essential service to the community and our customers.
It is this time of year that we need to be focused, alert to our surroundings and vigilant whether we are at the depot, in the terminal loading, on the road or delivering to a customer. The work we do and the service we provide is very important to me and our customers.
This Christmas period, the management team and I will be focused on safety and wellbeing. We plan to ride along with our drivers, hold toolbox talks and talk with our drivers in the yard to ensure we go home each and every day.
On behalf of the Haylock family and the company, have a safe and Merry Christmas.
Greg Haylock

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